Child’s Hill Allotment Society

The society has existed for many years. Under an agreement with the London Borough of Barnet, it was responsible for letting plots and collecting rents at Child’s Hill Allotments, in return for which it retained 25% of the money received. Now, under the terms of a 38-year lease between the society and the London Borough of Barnet, dated April 1 2013, the society is responsible for all aspects of the management of the Child’s Hill Allotments site.

Every tenant who rents a plot from the society is automatically a member of the society.

The society has a constitution that was adopted at the annual general meeting in 2012.


The society’s routine activities are undertaken by a committee, eight of whose members are elected annually at the AGM. In addition, up to two further members may be co-opted. A list of its members can be found here; they are also posted on the notice boards.

The committee’s officers are chosen by the committee from among its members. These include the chair, the secretary, the letting officer, the maintenance officer and the treasurer, together with other roles which from time to time the committee considers are needed. The committee meets regularly throughout the year; the constitution requires at least six meetings. Its minutes are displayed on the notice boards by the site entrances.

The committee’s routine activities include the following:
all aspects of the site’s maintenance,
the letting of allotments,
the setting and collection of rents and charges,
the payment of water bills,
ensuring that the tenants abide by the rules and observe the terms and conditions of their tenancies.

The committee is here to help you.  Please talk to one of them, or put a note into the letterbox in the shop door or send an email to, if you have any questions or problems.

General meetings

The society’s constitution requires that an annual general meeting (AGM) must be held once a year, within three months of the end of the financial year, ie by the end of March. The committee may organise additional meetings (EGMs) at other times and members may request one if there are matters that they think require urgent discussion. How to go about this is explained in the constitution.

Participation of members in running the site

Now that the society manages the site, it is vital that all members play a part in this and don’t expect the committee members to do it all. In fact, the terms and conditions of allotment tenancy include a specific requirement (T&C11) that tenants contribute some of their time and effort to assist with the running and management of the site.

Tenants must help with tasks such as:
helping in the shop,
assisting with shop deliveries,
keeping the common parts, such as the roads, wide grass paths and boundaries tidy and free of litter,
organising the delivery of materials such compost and wood-chip,
maintenance of buildings, fences and roads
taking part in working parties,
organising social events
database and website management
and so on.

So, if asked, please be prepared to offer some of your time and skills for the benefit of all. It need only be a few hours a year, but it makes a great difference. If there is a particular activity with which you would like to be involved, then please let us know.

Shortcuts to documents

The links below are shortcuts to PDF files containing various documents. To read them you require Adobe Reader which may be downloaded from here.

Terms and Conditions of Allotment Tenancy