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How to apply for a plot


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At present all plots on the site are let, but each year a few become vacant and are offered to people on our waiting list.


While we don't want to discourage anyone from applying for an allotment, before you do so it is important to appreciate how much work is involved in getting a plot into good order and then maintaining it. A traditional standard plot has an area of 10 poles, which in modern units is 250m², that is 50m x 5m or 25m x 10m. At the height of the growing season in the summer, this could easily require the equivalent of one full day a week, depending on the kind of crops grown. Our plots are mostly between 5 and 10 poles in area, so if you are thinking of applying to go on the waiting list, you need to decide how much time you can realistically give to an allotment.


The terms of our lease require us to give preference  to residents of Barnet. In practice this means that we would normally only offer a plots to a residents of another borough if there is nobody from Barnet on the waiting list. In recent years, Barnet people have had to wait typically two or three years for a suitable plot to become vacant. However, those who live outside the borough may also apply but might have to wait several years.


There are around 40 other allotment sites in Barnet, some of which might have shorter waiting lists. If you are interested in the possibility of applying to one of them, you can find out more about them here.


To apply to join our waiting list, you must fill in an application form. The form can be downloaded as a pdf file . When completed the form should be returned to the Lettings Officer - click here for contact details.